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Laser Hair Removal

The journey to smooth, hair-free skin begins here!


ILA is thrilled to offer laser hair removal with the cutting-edge 808nm diode Aliyah by Cartessa. Imagine saying goodbye to unwanted hair almost painlessly! Our incredible team is here to ensure each session is not just effective, but also a comfortable and cheerful experience. We're all about combining top-notch care with a dash of fun, making each visit something to look forward to.


Join us for a delightful journey to sleek, carefree skin - where each session feels less like an appointment and more like a treat for yourself!

What is the process?

Laser hair removal is an exciting and inclusive beauty adventure suitable for a wide range of skin types, categorized by the Fitzpatrick scale. This scale, ranging from Type I (very fair skin that always burns) to Type VI (deeply pigmented skin that rarely burns), helps tailor the laser settings for optimal results. Whether you have fair, olive, or dark skin, our laser will work for you, making it a universal ticket to smooth, hair-free skin!

The journey to silky smooth skin is not a one-stop destination; it's a series of fun and quick pit stops. Typically, you'll need about 6 to 8 sessions, but this can vary based on your individual hair type and the area being treated. Each session feels like a mini-vacation, where you get to relax while our laser zaps away those pesky hairs, bringing you closer to your dream of flawless, hair-free skin.


Remember, laser hair removal isn't a sprint; it's more like a delightful stroll through the park. The number of sessions required can depend on various factors, including hair density and growth cycle. Some areas might say goodbye to hair quicker than others, so patience is key. And the best part? Each session is another step towards ditching those razors and waxes for good, moving you closer to a carefree, smooth-skinned lifestyle!


Where can I get laser hair removal?

Starting from the top, you can wave goodbye to unwanted facial hair, perfect for those who are over the tedious tweezing and waxing. Glide down to your underarms, where a few zaps mean you can bid farewell to your razor and hello to sleeveless confidence. And let's not forget about the legs – imagine the luxury of skipping those time-consuming shaving sessions, just pure silky smoothness!


Are bikini lines giving you a headache? Our laser has got your back (and your front)! And for those who dare, we can even venture into more intimate areas, ensuring you're beach-ready or just enjoying the freedom of being hair-free.


Get ready to embrace a world where the only thing you'll lose is unwanted hair, and what you'll gain is time, comfort, and unstoppable confidence!

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