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Unlocking the Secrets to Prolonged Lash Retention: A Comprehensive Guide for Stunning, Long-Lasting Lashes

Setting the Stage for Lash Perfection

We get it – you've invested some serious coin in those stunning lash extensions, and naturally, you want them to stay put for as long as possible. As a dedicated lash artist, I pull out all the stops during your appointment to ensure you walk out with retention in the bag. Think humidity control, meticulous lash cleaning, and a final bonding flourish – I've got you covered. But here's the deal: it takes two to tango. Once you strut out of here, it's time to unleash your inner lash champion and keep the magic alive.

Home Sweet Home: Your Lash Maintenance HQ

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of home lash care. Sure, washing your lashes is a no-brainer, but hold up – we're talking lash shampoo, people! It's like a spa retreat for your lashes, specially formulated to kick makeup and oil to the curb. Armed with a fluffy brush, you're diving into the depths between each extension and your lash line – where the real action happens.


After the spa sesh, it's showtime for the air-drying routine. You could go full-on glam with a hairdryer, but chill, sister! We're avoiding any accidental lash singeing. And for those who want to up their game, cue the dramatic entrance of the lash fan. It's like a breeze of elegance, giving your lashes that diva-worthy sway. Just remember: before fluffing, make sure those extensions are dry as a desert.

Oil-Free Zone: The Commandments of Long-Lasting Lashes

But that's not all, folks! Oil free products will be your best friend! Oil will break down the adhesive on your new lovely lashes causing a weaker bond potentially falling off prematurely.Oil-free mascara? Absolutely. Oil-free eyeliner? You betcha. If it has oil, it's a big no-no. And guess what? For the oil-free aficionados, we've got the hookup at ILA with our range of oil-free mascara and eyeliner. Your lashes deserve nothing less.

Home Sweet Home: Your Lash Maintenance HQ

Some other factors that most people wouldn’t think of are sweat and tears. Whether you’re breaking a sweat at the gym or watching a sad movie that makes you tear up; it’s important to wash your lashes after, and the sooner the better! Once tears or sweat dry on your lashes, it creates a crusty layer on your lashes that traps in natural oils from your skin and will break down the bond between your natural lashes and your extensions causing them to fall off prematurely.

Either way, if you’re having retention issues make sure you mention it at your next appointment and we can troubleshoot to find the culprit and make sure you have the best retention possible!

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