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We are passionate about the service we provide to our patients and clients. Our friendly and experienced staff will be with you before and after your service, ensuring you receive the best experience possible.


This patient wanted to reduce her dynamic wrinkles, reduce forehead movement and get relief from tension headaches (with neurotoxin). At her two-week follow up she showed great results with reduced wrinkles and relief from headaches. She continues to get relief from her forehead movement and headaches with regular Xeomin treatments.


This patient came in concerned about her jowl area and sagging jawline. We discussed what ILA’s “reverse physics” of lifting the cheeks to then raise the jowls. If you’re already feeling saggy, you want to lift from above the affected area, not add to the problem area. This patient received one syringe of Radiesse to give her a supermodel cheekbone and improve her jowls.


With lips, we want a natural lip progression where the lips are slowly built over time. This before and after shows a 6-month progression of building natural height and volume. In total, one syringe of Versa was used.


This patient requested removal of her “11” lines. At her 2-week follow up, her “11” lines had completely resolved after a Xeomin treatment.

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